In addition to the items in our extensive day-to-day inventory, we have access to a wide range of steel mills that cover the full spectrum of flat rolled steel products. Any specific items not shown below can be inquired with the mill most appropriately suited for the job. We have available to us all of the following:

Hot Rolled and Pickled and Oiled Steel

Strength and flexibility are the defining characteristics of hot rolled steel.  Used for a wide array of applications from heavy machinery to metal buildings, hot rolled steel is a cost effective solution for our customers.  We can provide the full gamut of grades and gauges.  Pickling is also available in various locations throughout the United States.

Grades: All drawing grades through ultra high strength plus floor plate

Cold Rolled Steel

Consistent appearance and quality are the hallmark characteristics of cold rolled steel.  Used frequently in automotive applications and steel tubing to name a few, cold rolled is suitable for products that require restrictive thickness tolerances and deep draws while maintaining a consistent finish.  Through our relationships with both mini-mills and fully integrated mills, Barsteel can provide the full range of cold rolled products from Extra Deep Drawing Steel for extreme draws to Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) used predominantly today for automotive applications.

Grades: Extra Deep Drawing Grades through AHSS Grades

Galvanized Steel

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel is hot rolled or cold rolled steel coated with zinc to enhance the products corrosion resistance.  Any manufactured products that are exposed to the elements and require rust prevention are possible applications for galvanized steel.  Metal buildings and rail car applications are both suitable applications where Barsteel has market participation.

Grades: Extra Deep Drawing Grades through AHSS Grades

Other coated products including Galvannealed and Galvalume are available as well.